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Just stick it out.

    That was what I kept telling myself on a blustery October morning as I sat in my car watching the rain and gusting winds try and ruin my chances of shooting fall colors in Northern Michigan.

   After a  3.5 hour drive north to Traverse City and several hours spent playing with my kids at our hotel/indoor waterpark I returned to my room to plan out an epic day of shooting brilliant fall color in the wine country of Grand Traverse County.

       I woke myself at 5 a.m. leaving my family nestled into their beds so I could drive another 35 minutes north into the Old Mission Peninsula region. I was hoping to watch the sunrise over rolling vineyards and forests as the morning light brought their colors to life. While I sat on the roadside in my car trying to sleep for another hour or two before the sun came up I couldn't help but get discouraged as the rain pelted the car and the driving wind rocked me back and forth. "Stick it out Jamie" I kept saying to myself, "Stick it out."
So I did. And as the sun came up I watched the weather go from rain, to snow, to sleet, then hail, and then back to rain again. "Stick it out Jamie." I was losing hope of getting any kind of shot in but I sat firm knowing that through all of this I may just get a shot at something.

And there it was, an hour after sunrise a break. It was brief, it was not what I envisioned, but it was an opportunity to see what I could do with a bad situation. I think I did alright, I think my patience was rewarded, I think that even though it wasn't the shot I drove here for it was more than worth it for the lesson I learned. I will always be willing to "stick it out" from now on. The rewards can never be sweeter than when you have to test your patience and skill.

Taken with the Olympus OM-D and mZuiko 9-18mm along M37 on Old Mission Peninsula

Taken with the Olympus OM-D and mZuiko 9-18mm along M37 on Old Mission Peninsula

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