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What Were You Thinking?: Installment #4

Welcome to the jungle!! Ok, the concrete jungle maybe. 

So first off I am a few days late with this post and I apologize. I had scheduled it to go live, but I somehow had it set to August 28th and not July 28th. And it took me a few days to notice it hadn't launched...Ugh.

So yeah, I began this post with "Welcome to the jungle" and that is my little theme with this shot.

So let's take a look at the image and I'll explain what I was thinking.

The photo above shows the Detroit Renaissance Center as sunset draws near. It was shot from a parking structure across the street from it, and I was about 6 floors up from ground level. 

When I got to the roof of this structure and headed towards the side facing the "Ren Cen" I saw a 4 foot tall wall topped with planters. At first I was a little upset because the view of the Ren Cen was going to be obstructed unless I extended my tripod out to its full height. I know some of the other people that were there with me saw the same potential "problem" and opted to find some openings in that wall to shoot through.  I admit, I wanted to do the same thing at first. But then that landscape photographer in my head asked, "why don't we add some nature to this scene and use the plants in the composition?" 

So that is exactly what I did. I was using the new mZuiko 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO so I had all the width I needed to get all the tall glass buildings into the scene, but I also had that great depth of field shooting a super wide lens gives. This allowed me to not only have the buildings in the background in focus, but to also have the foreground elements (which were key to this composition) in good enough focus to be 100% identifiable in the final image. 

So I set up the shot by LOWERING my tripod down to have the lower third of the frame filled with the yellow lily and other plants, then tilting UP to give the buildings an even more exaggerated height perspective. Once the composition was set in the camera I fired off a three shot bracketed exposure at +/- 2 ev. 

When I got home I ran the bracketed shots through HDRefex PRO2 and exported the final image out to Flickr.   So even when I am "in the city" I am always thinking of things the way a landscape photographer does.  

Thanks for reading and I'll see ya around!! 

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