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A Macro Expedition w/ the TOUGH TG-4

Today I went on a safari.....It was full of exotic creatures, fraught with danger from hostile insects, and I did this all.......500 feet from my home.  

Welcome to the grasslands of.....Eaton Rapids Michigan.

This is where my safari took place. A 300 foot long stretch of grassy field.

You really didn't think I went to Africa or some other exotic far away land did you? I figure I can have an incredibly fun time doing a macro safari right down the street from my home much easier than trying to fund a foreign safari.  

So to embark upon this trip I took one piece of equipment, and that was the new Olympus TOUGH TG-4 point and shoot camera.  I chose this camera because I had very particular criteria for my "expedition" today. The main thing about today's adventure was that I decided to limit the subjects I would photograph to those that were NO LARGER than the last joint on my index finger. And let me just tell you....I don't have long fingers. So this meant that my subjects were going to be tiny!! How fun is that!?!?? 

This is all made easy with the TOUGH because it has a wicked macro mode which Olympus has named "microscope mode". And when you use it you will understand why!  So let's have a look at the exotic fauna I photographed today!

Little itty bitty grasshopper. Could have fit on my thumbnail. :)

Another thing to note is that this camera has wicked good image stabilization. It was not easy to hold still and shoot while crouching in the weeds with ticks everywhere. Yeah..TICKS! I said this expedition was fraught with danger, and I had to deal with hostile insects!

Not one to be a voyeur....But I just had to capture this photo....Then leave them to their business. :)

It isn't often that you get butterflies to sit still for a photo...So when they do, you take advantage of it!!

This little guy sat there long enough for three or four photos before tiring of me.

To give you an idea of the size of things I was shooting.....I give you this HUGE pink flower...Well....Huge is a relative term I guess.

Most everything I shot in for this post was of this scale....Cute huh?

Ok...So I DID find one thing to shoot that was bigger than these little insects.......

I LOOOOOVE tree frogs!!!!!

I said he was bigger...But at this scale...Bigger doesn't mean big!!

SLIGHTLY larger than the end of my index finger.... SO CUTE!!!!!!

So what do you think? Backyard safaris can be awesome!!!  All these photos were straight out of the camera. No editing....Just good old fashioned shooting and sharing.

So what are YOU waiting for?!!? Get out there and let the adventure begin!!!