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And Another Year is Coming to a Close

2015...WOW!!! What a year!!!

I try every year to do a "year in review" post as a way to relive what the year gave me. I had a LOT of pain and heartbreak this year, and that stuff will NOT be in this post. What will be here is a month by month breakdown of some of the highlights of the year. All of course with that recurring theme of....PHOTOGRAPHY!!

So to all of you who were a part of my photographic journey in 2015, thank you for making it the best year yet!! And I hope we all connect again in 2016 to make even more memories!!




January 1st I headed to the Lake Michigan shoreline for some of the most incredible photos of the year. I went there with friend and fellow Olympus user David Bostedor, and met up with another Olympus shooter Bob Panick (who drove HOURS to get there).


February would prove to be a difficult moth for photography here in Michigan. With weeks of sub zero windchills and snowstorm after snowstorm, finding inspiration was tough. Luckily David Bostedor was a good motivator and mad me go out on crazy rural adventures in the blizzards all in the name of photography! Thank Dave!


March would find me urbexing in Detroit with a great group of guys. Seth Duimstra, Mark Miller were two of them.  It was a great day with great people in a city that is on its way to becoming great once again.



What can I say about April? April was HUGE!!!!! Not even sure where to begin!
So I was asked to go to Whistler ski resort with Olympus for a press event. It was AWESOME! 
I got to meet some of the coolest people in the photo and tech review world. Chris Gampat (A.K.A. the Phoblographer), Vincent Nguyen of Slashgear, and Michael Palmer of Steve's Digicams to name a few. Not to mention just how fun the entire Olympus team is!

April Pt.2: Yes...It deserves TWO parts!

Another big highlight was being able to go to Washington D.C. with my oldest son Mason. I loved being able to spend that time with him. I am not sure if he will even know how much it meant to me, but I am sure those of you who are parents that read this will understand. 



May had a few highlights, one of which was the FIRST MirrorlessMinutes workshop! Mike Boening and I did an Olympus users event in Detroit that was a blast! But the other highlight was getting our new camper onto its seasonal site. My wife found this church on a return trip from the campground one day and told me about it. What a find!!!



Hello Chicago!!
I was lucky enough to be a presenter and photowalk leader at the Out of Chicago Conference in 2015 (and I'll be there again in 2016!) and it was also my first time in Chicago. What an incredible city! Mike Boening landed us this beautiful apartment with stunning views of the city. I was also lucky enough to have my brother come along and see what the whole photography world is like from my end of it. Funny thing is, he was recognized by a LOT of people there since he is a favorite subject of mine to shoot.



July was back to Detroit for another MirrorlessMinutes workshop! This time it was a two day event covering both the urban setting of downtown Detroit, and the rural countryside north of the city. It was great to have such an awesome group of attendees to shoot with for two days.


What could be more fun than going shooting with a group of guys who love photography?  I planned out a "guys only" photo trip with Travis Stevens, Mark Miller, David Bostedor, and Seth Duimstra that turned into one of the most epic photo adventures I've ever had. We shot everything from lightning over Lake Michigan to the Aurora Borealis. It was a trip I don't think any of us will ever forget!



September.....It is hard to look at these photos because on this trip my wife suffered a broken hip due to her cancer. It is painful to equate so much beauty with so much pain a tragedy. I won't go into detail, but the whole experience was enough to scar us forever.


In October, my family and I headed north (my wife still using a cane to walk) to enjoy the beauty of northwest Michigan in autumn. We were not disappointed. There is no place in the country quite like northern Michigan. 



This photo is of the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn side. I could not have made this shot if it weren't for Olympus Imaging. Thank you so much!
November is such a blessing for me. I have been given so many opportunities thanks to Olympus and I don't know if I can ever thank them enough. I have gotten to travel all over with them, I get to use the best camera gear out there, and most of all, I get to meet so many wonderful people thanks to them. 
Thank you Olympus for an incredible dream come true. 



December has been a slow month...And I am fine with that. The other 11 months were packed with a LOT of activity, the vast majority of which never made it into this post. 
A few more workshops, numerous other outtings, countless weekends camping with my family, and hours and hours of social media and photo editing and Youtube content creation. 

So as I sit here with a glass of MICHIGAN wine on my desk, and the sound of freezing rain hitting my windows, I bid you all a wonderful rest of 2015 and I hope to see (and interact with) you all in 2016...I thank you all for making what I do so much fun!



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