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Hit the Road and Don't Look Back!

That title was my mantra this past weekend as my family and I headed to northwest Michigan in search of some autumn beauty. I decided that there would be no turning around, no looking back at the hectic life we left behind for the weekend. It would be just the four of us and our Shih-Tzu in the car in search of fall color and beautiful landscapes. 

Below is a collection of images taken on our short journey away from the stress of every day life.


The first image of the day taken on M22 near Empire Michigan. M22 was just voted America's most scenic fall drive!

The entrance to Sleeping Bear National park is the Pierce Stocking Drive. You are greeted with this quaint wooden covered bridge and tree lined drive.

Further into the drive we stopped at Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore to take in the vast view of Lake Michigan and the steep drop to her shores. 

Another place we visited and loved was the Point Betsey Lighthouse. Along the shore were numerous rock stacks that I think always make for cool subjects.

Point Betsey Lighthouse being blasted by a turbulent Lake Michigan. It was cold, and blustery, but it was worth every second to be there.

We ended our day in Buckley Michigan at one of the most incredible locations I've been to yet in Lower Michigan.

I couldn't have asked for a better day. No one argued, no one got bored, we all just enjoyed the trip together....It was PERFECT.

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