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Alpaca Wool on a Camera Strap? Cecilia Gallery Camera Strap Review

You heard that right! Alpaca Wool!

So about a month or so ago I was given the opportunity to review a camera strap by a company based in New York. Oh I know what you are thinking...ANOTHER NYC CAMERA STRAP REVIEW!?!?  Well, yes, yes it is.  But this strap is a little bit different than what you may be expecting.  First off it has the material we all expect in a strap....Leather. But it has a second material you may not be familiar with, Alpaca Wool.

Alpaca wool, unlike leather, is a renewable material that is harvested annually the same way sheep's wool is. And like sheep's wool it is certainly a rich material to use versus something like nylon.  I fell in love with this strap as soon as I saw it thanks to its funky retro vibe compliments of the pattern in the wool. This pattern is called Q'enqo and is a design that represents a meandering river.

     But the more I have used it the more I love it for its fit. The leather almost immediately was soft and hugged my neck. Most other leather products require a sometimes lengthy break in period whereas the Cecilia Gallery strap did not.  And don't get me waxing poetic about the rustic smell of the leather and Alpaca wool. My days on a farm around animals as a child was rekindled thanks to this rich earthy fragrance. Don't mistake my description for someone saying the strap stinks because it certainly doesn't! It just has that rich leather aroma we all love so much in a high end product of this type.

So enough typing! Take a look at my video and photos below to get a more visual description of this wonderful product!

Click the photo below to scroll through the images.

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