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One of the things I love about my Olympus cameras is that they seem to have little gems buried inside them just waiting for you to use them. Case in point, the Art Filter Bracketing feature. I won't describe it here since I actually did a Mirrorless Minute over on Youtube discussing how cool this feature is. Link? Yeah, I have one right here ;) 

I bring that little video up because in it I am discussing the Art Filters. What are Art Filters? Think of Art Filters as little Photoshop or Lightroom filters that reside in your Olympus cameras just waiting to be applied to your images. I know many who scoff at the idea of using such a "pedestrian tool" and that it is unprofessional and blah blah blah. Ya know what? They are fun..Period. And for me that is a big part of photography, having fun.

So in the spirit of fun, tonight while going for our evening walk I decided to take my Olympus TOUGH TG-2 out for an Art Filter excursion. By this I mean that for our little 3/4 mile walk around the neighborhood I did nothing but take shots with each of the 11 Art Filters the camera has.

Below are all 11 images I took while on the walk. I had FUN...That is the point. :) 


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