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Where have all the storms gone?

It seems like when I was a kid growing up here in Michigan we would have summers that gave us some pretty intense weather. Of course nothing like Oklahoma, Kansas or any of those other "Tornado Alley" states but it was still an exciting season. Now that I am an adult (contrary to my actions at times) and I have a keen interest in photographing those storms, they seem to have avoided us lately.

I have spent the last two months, and far too much gas money on trying to capture what little exciting weather we've had here in Mid-Michigan. And thus far it has been a little less than impressive. So lackluster in fact that I have decided that next year I am taking some time to head down to the three corners area (think Joplin Missouri) of our nations mid section. I have mentioned it to my wife, who I think fears my sanity may be a little questionable but this is one of those things that I have been obsessing over for a few years now. Maybe even a bucket list kind of thing. I don't "have" to shoot a tornado, heck, it isn't even my main motivation. My main motivation is the supercells that spawn tornadoes.

If you happen to be interested in going with me, or meeting me next late spring, let me know. I don't have a date or anything set but I do have a location and I do have a dream. If you want to go you have to be able to take some time off from your job and family life for about 4 days and also to be able to do it on short notice. I plan on watching weather systems as they develop next year, picking one that will produce some great photographic opportunities (hopefully) in the region I want to chase in. I will then just take off and do it! How exciting is that??

So with that I'll leave you with a small gallery of photos I have taken in the last 30 days. Attempted storm chases that ended without much fanfare.