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Where've I been?

Good question. Where HAVE I been? Well let's see.

In January I spent a few days at Olympus headquarters in Center Valley Pennsylvania. I was at what we called the "Visionary Summit". It was an incredible experience to say the least. I actually have a short write up about the trip over at Small Camera Big Picture so make sure to have a read. But in all honesty since that trip I have been pretty much holed up in my home with late winter blues.
   Living in Michigan has some really nice benefits for nature photographers. We have 4 very distinct seasons. There is no question whether it is Spring,Summer,Autumn, or Winter here. None whatsoever. But with that said, when winter arrives it also brings with it months of dark, sunless, dreary days. And in my youth those days had no effect on me because I would be outside snowboarding all day. But now, I have a job, I have a family, and I of course have my photography.


Unfortunately the latter is what suffers in this season for me. The light is so flat, the clouds are often just a monotonous film across the sky devoid of structure and contrast. So it is this time of year, that I am now starting to find myself struggling to produce any images. But this year I decided that I would NOT let this syndrome get to me. And yes it is actually a medically diagnosed syndrome. Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. :) Yes..It is quite sad. But to get back on topic, I decided that this year I would make sure I kept more busy shooting and that ended up meaning that I was shooting indoors. And I was now shooting things I never thought about shooting before, like lightbulbs burning out, and even a few shoots with models.

So the point of this little write up is that even when you are put into a position where your comfort zone is removed, where the settings you thrive in have been taken away, step up and try something new. Take it as a challenge and learn from it. Sure, you might not be a fashion photographer, or a nature photographer or any of the other types of photographer there is out there but it doesn't mean you shouldn't give those fields a shot! Make the best of a bad situation people, often times it will pay off in ways you don't expect.

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