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A Brief Bio

So now that you are here I think I’ll tell you a little about myself in this first blog post on my new site.

                My name is Jamie MacDonald and I am a professional photographer and Olympus Visionary. I live in Mid-Michigan just south of my home state’s capitol of Lansing with my incredible wife and my two boys who always keep my life full of love and excitement.  I was born and raised right here in Michigan and have spent the last several years camping and travelling all around the Lower Peninsula in search of beautiful landscapes to photograph. But my travels have also led me to the island of Maui and numerous times to the states of Florida and Utah, as well as many others in between.  And when I am not out shooting or with my family traveling, I fill my time keeping up with the latest in technology. Yes, I am a geek. Winters I am often out snowboarding and have been doing so for the last 20+ years.  

                I’ve been a photographer for about five years now and shooting professionally for two. My first camera after a point and shoot was the Olympus E-500 dSLR, and since then I have owned nothing but Olympus cameras.  You will see from my portfolio that my primary focus and passion lie in nature photography with a heavy emphasis on landscapes. I also find a lot of interest in what some may call “Lifestyle Photography” or what I would call, photographing everyday life.  And while these are going to be the bulk of the images you will find in the galleries within my site along with special photo projects, do not be surprised to find subjects of my own personal interest show up here in the blog section.  I am also a Getty Images artist with a wildly varying portfolio of stock images available on their site. And while I won’t advertise it too often here, all the images on my site are available as prints in limited quantity.

                And as was mentioned in the introduction I am also an Olympus Visionary. I was accepted in to the Visionary program in July of this year and had no idea I was going to be given this honor.  This is an honor beyond any I have ever had and I cannot even begin to thank Olympus enough for this opportunity of a lifetime. I’m not sure what the upcoming year will hold for me in regards to my new title, but I can assure you all that whatever I do, and wherever I go, I will be posting about it here! This coupled with a new position writing for the µ4/3 website Small Camera Big Picture has made my life this summer one massive thrill ride. So look for frequent links to articles I am writing or assignments for Olympus to be posted on here as well in a new section I’ll be creating called What’s New?

                I know some will ask, “how did you become an Olympus Visionary?” and to those people I want to let you know that I am writing a post that documents my brief photographic career and how I got here. I think you may be surprised at just how quickly it all happened! I know I am. So till then, please sit tight while I get things in order around here, there is a lot going on right now and I promise to share everything with all of you. I addition to sharing what I am up to I encourage YOU, my fellow Olympus shooters, to SHARE what you are up to here in the comments section of my posts, and more importantly on the Get Olympus Facebook page. Our community will benefit from what we all share with one another.

Take care and please keep shooting and sharing!



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