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Hindsight is 20/20....But foresight is king.

The shot below is one I had been wanting to do the minute leaves started falling here in Michigan. My kids love jumping into the leaf piles as my wife and I rake them up.

So once the pile grew large enough my youngest son begged to jump in, and of course I already had my camera in my hand. I set the camera on burst mode so I could get this in one take, which I did get in one take.  Carter did his best super hero dive and I took the photos. When I went inside to process the image I was immediately let down a bit. Although the action was frozen where I wanted it, and the composition worked well enough for me, the lighting was terrible. But I knew I could fix it in Photoshop using Nik software's Viveza plugin.  So I went to work adjusting the exposure on the underside of my son. In the original the front of his jeans were very dark as was the underside of his shirt. But like I said, Viveza allowed for very localized adjustments so I was able to create the photo you see.

But in hindsight I SHOULD have gotten out my FL-600r flash, placed it behind the leaf pile facing up and toward my position. This would have allowed some fill light under my son, which may frozen the action a little more giving me a better defined outline.

Hindsight can drive you crazy, but what it should do is teach you something. Today I added another concept to my list of shots that I will not forget in the future. 

Today's hindsight is tomorrow's foresight.

Shot with the Olympus OM-D and 9-18mm

Shot with the Olympus OM-D and 9-18mm

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